All you need to know about buying a property in Italy

✅All you need to know about buying a property in Italy in English:
01:43 Real Estate Agents and Brokers in Italy ( Rules, Commissions & Duties) ☝🏻
13:22 Documents needed for buying a property in Italy for nonresident buyers.👨🏻‍💼
15:55 Why Buy in Italy? Panorama of prices, zone.⛳️
27:32 The Buying Process. All formal steps📍- Proposal Step n.1 (Downpayment, Default, ecc …)
37:02 Preliminary Agreement of Sale- Step n.2
39:38 Deed of Purchase (Closing) – Step n.3 The absent Purchase – Bonus info
43:41 Escrow Option in Italy – Bonus Info
46:57 Cost & Taxes pertaining to buying a property in Italy.🧮
55:43 Cost & Taxes pertaining to owning property in Italy
59:05 Management of Income properties in Italy.✍🏻
01:01:07 Rental Taxes for Non-Resident or Foreign owners.📲
01:04:46 Renovating or remodeling the house in Italy.🤦🏼‍♀️

💎EXCLUSIVE LIVE WITH AN REAL ESTATE ITALIAN BROKER – Marina Rozenberg ( CIPS – Milan) & Samira Easton ( Realtor, Sotheby’s International Realty, CIPS- Florida)

If you open the video directly on Youtube, you can range in the analytical index of the topics set.

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