Buying Process Property in Italy – All the Details

✅BUYING PROCESS PROPERTY IN ITALY-Roles in Real Estate Transactions
01:56 Roles in Real Estate Transactions in Italy, Can foreigners buy real estate in Italy?
04:58 Real Estate Agent/ Broker in Italy- Duty of care & More.
10:07 Notary in real estate transaction in Italy.
14:32 Attorney in real estate transaction in Italy.
18:35 Quantity Surveyor/ Architectin real estate transaction in Italy.
23:28 The formal offer of purchase- all steps.
33:55 Preliminary Agreement of Sale ( Preliminary Contract).
37:40 Deed of Purchase ( Closing) all details.
41:53 Remote purchase, The absent Purchase – Bonus Tips.
44:36 Escrow Option- Bonus Tips.

🤩For people dreaming of buying a property in Italy.

💎EXCLUSIVE LIVE WITH AN REAL ESTATE ITALIAN BROKER – Marina Rozenberg ( CIPS – Milan) & Anna Marina Fagetti Preti ( REALTOR, CIPS, Florida).

If you open the video directly on Youtube, you can range in the analytical index of the topics set.

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