The buying process in Italy and real estate tips

The buying process in Italy and real estate tips:
00:17 Do you need to have a real estate license to sell in Italy?
03:12 How is the buying process in Italy?
07:31 How many days from contract to close?
08:37 What are the requirements for internationals?
09:46 What about those $1.00 properties?
11:48 Are taxes high?
13:41 What about Homeowner association fees?
15:09 Most desirable cities in Italy?
17:47 Are rental properties profitable in Milan?
20:04 Commission of real estate agent?
24:49 The average price range in Milan for residential real estate.

💎EXCLUSIVE LIVE WITH AN REAL ESTATE ITALIAN BROKER – Marina Rozenberg ( CIPS – Milan) & Nora Uriostegui (Real Estate International Specialist -USA; Messico, REALTOR -CIPS)

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